Create a safe environment
with your own CO2 sensor

We adapt our CO2 sensor to your requirements

Your appearance

Put your brand in the spotlight in a positive way with its own CO2 sensor. Entirely in your corporate identity.

Also for municipalities and cities that want a printing plate in the shape of their logo. Contact us for a tailor-made offer without obligation.

Taking care of each other

Keep your customers and staff safe by monitoring CO2 levels on the shop floor.


Don't be fooled. We use high quality NDIR sensors which are the only correct way to measure CO2.

For the nerds:

  • Accuracy: ±(50 ppm + 3 %)
  • Range: 0 - 2000 ppm
  • Configurable warning levels


The CO2 sensors must be powered via a USB-C cable. Do you already have this? Perfect, then you can start immediately. If not, you can also order one from our shop. 

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