3D Print

The CO2 meter does not come with a housing, but you are free to design your own housing. Step-file of the circuit board can be found under Technology > Hardware. With the help of these, you can then create your own 3D housing and print it using a 3D printer.

Would you rather start with an existing enclosure, or adapt an existing enclosure? That is also possible. Below you can see a number of housings to start from. Have fun!

Would you like to place your housing on our website? You can. Let us know and we will put them online.

Above, you can see the "cloud-Siebe" housing

Enclosures (stl files) stand here on GitHub.

Be creative

Don't have a 3D printer? Then make an enclosure in Lego.

Creative housing and soldering done by the children of Filip Lenaerts

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