Control CO2 Construction kit
(CO2 sensor)

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Make your own CO2 sensor.

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Build your own NDIR CO2 sensor.

This kit contains a blue printed circuit board (PCB), NDIR CO2 sensor (400 to 5000 ppm), display board and all necessary connectors.
All you need is a soldering iron, solder, some time and enthusiasm.

This kit does not include a USB-C cable or USB adapter. If necessary, you must order these separately.

If you want us to solder the kit beforehand, order the Assembly Add-on (1 per kit), so you don't have any extra work.

You can 3D print a housing yourself, here is an example: The CO2 sensor does not like direct sunlight.

You can put the software on the board yourself, here is the code.

Interested in ready-made? Then order this kit + as extra: the assembly-add-on + the housing +USB-C cable + USB charger. Then we deliver a complete ready-to-use CO2 meter without any extra work.


Leave the CO2 sensor on continuously, the first 1 to 8 days after start-up it will do a self-calibration and the values may not be correct. At least once a day, the sensor needs to "see" at least 1 hour of fresh outside air to be able to recalibrate itself every day/week. So ventilate your room every day!

Please contact us for quotations and payment on invoice.

P.S.: Commercially available CO2 meters with a real NDIR CO2 sensor often cost more than 150 to 250 euros. This open-source project has been able to count on the efforts of the Makers-community, which enabled us to keep the price as low as possible, for a real NDIR sensor.

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Dimensions 11 × 8 × 2 cm