Control CO2 ready-made
(CO2, temperature and relative humidity sensor)

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Ready-to-use CO2, temperature and relative humidity sensor.


Ready-made CO2 sensor V2, fully prepared for you (including 3D print housing and assembly-add-on)

Sensors: temperature and relative humidity sensors, real NDIR CO2 sensor with a range of 400 to 5000 ppm.

USB-C cable and USB adapter included.

Leave the CO2 sensor on ALWAYS, the first (1 to 8) days after start-up it will do a self-calibration and the values may not be correct. At least once a week (and better every day) the sensor needs to "see" at least 1 hour of fresh outside air to be able to recalibrate itself every week. So ventilate your room every day! The sensor continues to calibrate itself automatically every day by considering the lowest CO2 level per day (night) as 400 ppm CO2.


Choose the threshold for green, orange and red levels via the WiFi interface.

P.S.: Commercially available CO2 meters with a real NDIR CO2 sensor often cost more than 150 to 250 euros. This open-source project has been able to count on the efforts of the Makers-community, which enabled us to keep the price as low as possible, for a real NDIR sensor. In the same price range on the commercial market you will only find worthless VOC sensors, or fake NDIR.

P.S.2: It is also possible to do a manual calibration in the open air(!) (e.g. at an open window). Press the lower button, you will see demo appear. From 600 onwards, keep the upper button pressed until you see 800 appear. Now release the upper button. Leave the sensor in the open air, and step away for 2 minutes.

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Weight 0,15 kg
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 2 cm