Friar School Roeselare

TESS Publishing has put together a kit to make your own CO2 meter, individually or as a class. All theory is provided in booklets. Everything you need to build such a CO2 meter is in there, from soldering irons, a circuit board, humidity and temperature sensor, display to USB cable. Everything is provided ready to use. It is very up-to-date, and the students and teachers learn and benefit from it. By the way, it is not just any CO2 meter, but a perfectly working and standardised one with a NDIR CO2 sensor.

The project was tested in the first year of secondary school at the Broeder School in Roeselare. "The fact that we can make these CO2 meters with our own motivated students is only an added value," says director Vincent Claerhoudt of the Broeder School in Roeselare. "The intention is to run through the project with these first-grade pupils and then to equip each classroom with a CO2 meter."

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