The air quality in my classroom

Textbook + CO2 meter in kit

In cooperation with TESS, the publisher for technology and STEM

Brand new and unique STEM project

Good air quality. It has always been important, but with the current corona pandemic we can no longer ignore it. Besides the spread of viruses such as COVID-19 virus, poor air quality in the classroom causes fatigue, headaches and concentration problems.

In this project, you combine the search for a solution to current problems with a cool STEM assignment.


On the basis of this extensive learning workbook, the pupils set to work soldering a CO2 meter. The clear manual and video guide them through the steps of the construction process. The pupils:
  • brainstorming together on the issues
  • do research from various sources
  • voeren experiments in order to determine the presence of CO2 to demonstrate
  • determine requirements for a possible solution
  • discover the operation of the sensors on the CO2 meter
  • learn about the transport of all components of the CO2 meter
  • build the CO2 meter according to a step-by-step plan with photos and a video
  • Tests and calibrate the CO2 meter
  • voeren experiments to measure the air quality in the classroom
  • log and Process All data from the CO2 meter
  • put a action plan (on the basis of measured results) to improve air quality
  • designs the housing of their CO2 meter

In the news

Children, make your own CO2 meter. Publisher TESS develops a kit for schools.

Taking care of each other

Ensure good air quality by measuring. Improve learning performance and prevent illness and quarantine.

Build it yourself

The STEM package includes a CO2 meter kit. Ideal for schools to teach students all about CO2 metres. The kit contains all necessary parts including a circuit board, CO2 sensor, display board, temperature/humidity sensor and connectors. All you need is a soldering iron, some solder, a bit of time and an appetite. The assembly is so simple that students can easily make it themselves. And with the learning workbook, teaching about CO2 a breeze.


Don't be fooled. We use high quality NDIR sensors which are the only correct way to measure CO2 measurement. Our CO2 meter complies with all guidelines of the Flemish and Federal Governments.

For the nerds:

  • Accuracy: 40 ppm +/- 3 %
  • Range: 0 - 5000 ppm
  • Configurable warning levels


The CO2 sensors must be powered via a USB-C cable. Got a USB-C charger at home? Perfect, then you can start immediately. If not, you can also order one from our shop.

Open Source

You get full freedom to customise the product. All software code and hardware is open source.

Available and available

  • Student workbook: Full STEM project + thread through the project
  • CO2 meter kit
  • Board book for the teacher: including manual with pictures and video
  • Accessories: USB cable + adapter & soldering iron + soldering tin.
  • Pre 3D printed housing (cloud)